2020 EDBA Summer Drop-In Sessions @ Saville Community Sports Centre

As city facilities begin to reopen, we are happy to offer our summer drop-in program again at Saville Community Sports Centre.

We expect the regular badminton season to open in September, this will be a good opportunity to get back into the sport and practice safe participation.

Summer drop-in dates are as follows:

  • Sat 15 August || 01:30:PM to 03:30:PM
  • Sat 22 August || 01:30:PM to 03:30:PM
  • Sat 29 August || 01:30:PM to 03:30:PM

Please note there are strict COVID-19 guidelines which must be followed for each session. See below for details:

  • Attendees must pre-register for EACH session on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/edba-summer-badminton-tickets-115642593109
  • A drop-in fee of $5 will be due upon arrival. Please bring exact change. EDBA will not be able to provide change, nor will allow prepayment for future sessions. No pay, no play.
  • Attendance numbers will be limited to 30 participants.
  • Attendees must be 14 years of age by date of the session.
  • New/Sanitized shuttles will be provided by the EDBA.
  • EDBA strongly encourages singles games (15 points). Max two games per match.
  • Doubles games (to 21 points) are allowed ONLY for declared cohorts/family of up to 4. Max two games per match.

MUST-READ policies and safety information in the attached documents below:

Your cooperation is much appreciated to have a safe and fun game!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@edba.org.

Thank you!