Winners and Draw results – 2016 EDBA Fall Junior Tournament

Thank you for the players and parents, our Tournament completed on time. Congratulations to all winners, and the draw result is listed as followed:

Boys’ Doubles U13
Boys’ Doubles U15
Boys’ Doubles U17
Boys’ Singles U13
Boys’ Singles U15
Boys’ Singles U17

Girls’ Doubles U13
Girls’ Doubles U15
Girls’ Doubles U17
Girls’ Singles U13
Girls’ Singles U15
Girls’ Singles U17

Mixed Doubles U13
Mixed Doubles U15
Mixed Doubles U17

A big thank you to our volunteers, Calvin, Peter, Nava, Roger, Rea and Millet. We cannot make this event happen without them.

Many thanks to Khoa Nguyen and Danny Long for their help as well.

Last but not least, we have to thank our sponsor, Sportfactor Inc. , for the door prizes they generously provide.

Amy Choy
Tournament Director,
Edmonton District Badminton Association