2014 EDBA Year End Club/Family Challenge: May 31 – Jun 1

Date: May 31 – Jun 1, 2014

Location: W.P. Wagner High School

In place of the year-end banquet and the usual master’s tournament, this year EDBA will host a year-end Club/Family Challenge tournament combined with a year-end barbecue.

For the Club/Family Challenge tournament, all clubs are invited to submit a team comprised of four doubles pairs: one for each of four combined age categories: 55 years or older (55+), 70 years or older (70+), 85 years and older (85+) and 100 years and older (100+). To promote family teams- husbands teaming with wives, or parents teaming with children/grandchildren- there will be a handicap system in place for doubles pairings of direct family members, for female players, and for older players on each doubles team. Each person can only play in one age group but EDBA members may invite one family member to participate in this tournament and play together with them for their EDBA club.

Club/Family Challenge Handicap System

  •  A direct family relationship within one doubles team, +5 points

 (Direct family = spouse, children, sister, brother, grandparents, grandchildren)

  •  One or more females on a doubles team, + 5 points
  • Any one person’s age is > 80% of the age categor, y +5 points

 i.e. >44 years old for 55+ age group, >56 for 70+, >68 for 85+, and >80 for 100+

Clubs will pair off against each other one-on-one and each doubles teams will play the other club’s team in the same age category, two games to 21 (no extension past 21 points, i.e. 21-20 wins).

Example: a grandfather of 83 and granddaughter of 17 compete as a team for IBC in the 100+ category. They play against Edmonton Chinese Club’s 100+ team, losing their first game 20-21 and losing their next game 10-21. The total points they will contribute to IBC’s team total will be:

30 points (=20+10 match points from the two games)
+5 points (for being a direct family pairing- grandfather and granddaughter)
+5 points (for there being a female on the team-the granddaughter)
+5 points (for the grandfather being older than 80 years old (80% of 100 years old)
= 45 points

This total is greater than the 42 points the Edmonton Chinese Club’s team collected for winning the two games, in other words, because of the handicapping system the IBC team wins this 100+ match!

After the two clubs’ opposing doubles teams have played each other, the club with the greater team total number of points from all four doubles matches wins, and moves on to the next round in the A event. The club team that loses moves on to the B event, also a single elimination event to the B finals.

Cost for the event will be $120 per team. Included in the fee will be t-shirts for all team members.

On Saturday afternoon May 31, at the completion of the first day’s play, EDBA will host a year-end barbecue, free for all EDBA members. Tournament prizes and door prizes will be awarded as well.