EDBA Adult Workshop for Jan 15, 2017 – No Vacancy

EDBA Adult Workshop for Jan 15, 2017 – Badminton Skill Improvement

Date: Sunday, January 15, 2017
Time: Noon to 2:00 p.m.
Location: W.P. Wagner High School (6310 WagnerRoad, Edmonton)
Cost: $10 (shuttles provided)
Players must bring their own racquet and wear indoor, non-marking court shoes.
Protective eyewear is recommended. Payment will be collected at the workshop.

Click here for the workshop brochure.

James Lin, P.Eng.
Edmonton District Badminton Association

EDBA Transform Sub-committee

Hi Everyone,

“EDBA – The Next 100 Years” was discussed at the Jan 5, 2017 EDBA Meeting. The initiative aims to improve EDBA’s long-term sustainability as a non-profit organization. Historically the EDBA had always relied on its President and a core team of 2 to 3 other individuals to sustain EDBA’s operation. This over-reliance on personal heroics of a few creates significant risk if EDBA is to continue functioning smoothly when membership of the presidency and core team changes, as in 2013/14.

After discussion at the January 2017 EDBA Meeting, the Board and Representative Committee approved the formation of a EDBA Transform Sub-committee (ETS) to implement the “Next 100 Years” strategy. The Transform Sub-committee will look at various ways and changes required to implement the strategy in broad consultation with EDBA stakeholders. ETS will report its recommendations and action plans to the Board and Representative Committee for review and approval. During discussion at the January meeting, various ideas had already been put forward for consideration by ETS. This is a formal call for those who would like to sit as a ETS member.

ETS members are expected to participate in several workshops, share their insights, help collate and review feedback received from EDBA stakeholders, act as ETS liaison, participate in drafting ETS recommendations and action plans and presenting them to the Board and Representative Committee. If you are interested in joining the EDBA Transform Sub-committee or would like more information, please email me at president@edba.org. Please also distribute this email to your club members as some of them may be interested in joining the ETS.

“EDBA – The Next 100 Years” is a key strategy to a sustainable EDBA. A sustainable EDBA will in turn ensure that EDBA Clubs and the Edmonton community can continue to enjoy the services offered by the EDBA. On behalf of the Board, the Representative Committee and the Transform Sub-committee, I thank you for your support and look forward to your suggestions and input.

James Lin, P.Eng.
Edmonton District Badminton Association