EDBA Winter Junior Open Feb 14,15 – 2015 — Schedule Update

Please note that there has been an update in the boys singles u17 draw in order to include a missed participant, as there was a software bug in the tournament planner system. Due to the added participant, the draw has been changed for everyone in BS U17, resulting in differently scheduled games for each individual in this category. Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your newly scheduled game. I apologize for the inconvencience.

Amy Choy
Tournament Director
Feb 13, 2015

EDBA Winter Junior Open – Feb 14-15, 2015 (Play Schedule)

The tournament is scheduled on Feb 14 and 15, 2015 at W.P. Wagner School at 6310 Wagner Road, Edmonton.

There are 127 players , 219 entries.
We have 15 draw categories:
1.) BS U13
2.) BD U13
3.) BS U15
4.) GS U15 (combined GS U13 and U15)
5.) BD U15
6.) GD U15 (combined GD U13 and U15)
7.) XD U15 (combined XD U13 and U15)
8.) BS U17
9.) BD U17
10.) XD U17
11.) BS U19
12.) BD U19
13.) XD U19
14.) GS U19 (combined GS U17 and U19)
15.) GD U19 (combined GD U17 and U19)

Due to time limited and a huge number of entries, the last game on Saturday starts at 1900 and last Sunday game starts at 18:10.

Players please report to draw desk an hour before their scheduled games (available soon) because scheduled time is only an estimate. We try to move things along as quickly as possible.

Amy Choy
Tournament Director

EDBA Winter Junior Open – Feb 14-15, 2015

EDBA is hosting a Winter Junior Open on Saturday and Sunday, February 14 and 15, 2015 at W.P Wagner High School from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

Entry deadline is 5:30 p.m. on Feb 2, 2015. There are 4 age categories (U-13, U-15, U-17, U-19). Click here for the tournament entry form.

For any additional information, please email Amy Choy with Subject Title: EDBA Winter Junior Open – 2015.