The EDBA is a volunteer-run organization. An EDBA Board manages the daily operation of the EDBA. All executives positions are filled by volunteers and are unpaid.

Volunteers are vital to the continuing success of the EDBA. If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail us at info@edba.org.

Executive positions and their responsibilities are defined in the EDBA Bylaws. Executives are elected annually at the EDBA Annual General Meeting typically held in September each year.

The following are the 2016/17 EDBA Executives:

Position Name Email
President Danny Huang president@edba.org
Vice-President Adam Luv vice-president@edba.org
Secretary James Powers secretary@edba.org
Treasurer Sam Hunt treasurer@edba.org
Casino Director Jimmy Choo casino@edba.org
Booking Officer & Webmaster Curtis Chow booking@edba.org,
Tournament Director Amy Choy tournament@edba.org
Director At-Large (Booking Team Backup} Tony Yip booking@edba.org
Director At-Large James Lin jameslin@linisus.com
Director of Interclub Vacant interclub@edba.org
Publicity Chairman William Kwan pr@edba.org
Director of Coaching John Wu coaching@edba.org

Besides the EDBA Board, each member club of the EDBA can nominate up to two people to sit on the EDBA Representative Committee. The EDBA Board and the Representative Committee together manages the affairs of the EDBA through a voting process.