EDBA Board Meeting (#3) – Nov 5, 2015 (Thursday)

The next EDBA meeting will take place on Thursday, November 5, 2015 6:30 pm at the Central Lions Senior Recreation Centre Activity Room #12.

Please find attached, a copy of the agenda and the minutes from the October 1, 2015 meeting.

Some gentle reminders:

  • Minimum meeting attendance for voting EDBA member clubs is 7 out of 10 meetings per year. Please ensure that you sign the attendance sheet at the meeting.
  • Non-personal benefit declarations and club member lists for voting member clubs are due November 5, 2015.
  • 50% of your club member fees for 2015-2016 was due on October 15, 2015. Please bring payment if you have not yet paid.
  • Paper copies of agendas, minutes etc.. will not be distributed. We will use the projector. Please bring your own copies if needed.
  • If you ordered shuttles, these will be available. Please instruct your club representative as needed to pick up your shuttles. If noone can make it, please email info@edba.org.