2015 EDBA Winter Junior Open Feb 14, 15 — Results

2015 EDBA Winter Junior Tournament has come to an end.

Congratulation to all players !!! Here’s the winners list.

We have 15 categories results:
1.) BS U13
2.) BD U13
3.) BS U15
4.) GS U15 (combined GS U13 and U15)
5.) BD U15
6.) GD U15 (combined GD U13 and U15)
7.) XD U15 (combined XD U13 and U15)
8.) BS U17
9.) BD U17
10.) XD U17
11.) BS U19
12.) BD U19
13.) XD U19
14.) GS U19 (combined GS U17 and U19)
15.) GD U19 (combined GD U17 and U19)

I would also like to thank the volunteers; without their help, the tournament would not have been able to succeed.

Calvin Wong – Draw Desk
Thomas Tse – Draw Desk
Donna Montgrand – Draw Desk, Registration Desk
Wendy Stewart – Draw Desk
Kim Tan – Draw Desk, Umpire, Score Keeper
Peter Ng – Draw Desk, Umpire, Set Up
Stan Graham – Court Co-ordinator
Violet Tse – Registration Desk, Co-ordinator
Kris Cao – Registration Desk, Co-ordinator
Hong HanHong – Co-ordinator
Thuy Cao – Co-ordinator, Umpire
William Kwan – Umpire, score keeper
Rongfeng Huang – registration Desk
Jimmy Choo – Co-ordinator
Kong – Co-ordinator
Felix Yuen – Gym booking Officer

There will be another tournament in April, so please stay in touch for more information.

Amy Choy
Tournament Director

EDBA Winter Junior Open Feb 14,15 – 2015 — Schedule Update

Please note that there has been an update in the boys singles u17 draw in order to include a missed participant, as there was a software bug in the tournament planner system. Due to the added participant, the draw has been changed for everyone in BS U17, resulting in differently scheduled games for each individual in this category. Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your newly scheduled game. I apologize for the inconvencience.

Amy Choy
Tournament Director
Feb 13, 2015