New EDBA Head Coach – Lionel Chong

EDBA would like to give a warm welcome to our new head coach, Lionel Chong.

Lionel is a former Canadian collegiate champion who has been coaching for the past 12 years here in Edmonton. Knowledgeable, experienced and renowned for his passion towards teaching badminton, Lionel will be responsible for the EDBA junior training program.

Lionel’s first session of Junior Training begins this Saturday, October 19th at W.P. Wagner Gym and will run for six consecutive Saturdays (barring holidays) from 1-3 PM. Open to students of all levels 10 years and older, there will be 36 spots available. The cost will be $50, either by cash or cheque made payable to “EDBA Junior Training”.

Due to expected heavy demand, registration will be strictly on a first-come first serve basis and must be in person at W.P. Wagner on Saturday, October 19th. Registration will NOT BE AVAILABLE by any other means. The doors at W.P. Wagner will open on Saturday at 12:30 PM sharp, and the first 36 registrants will be accepted and commence playing at 1:00 PM. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!

Players are responsible for bringing their own badminton rackets, proper badminton or sports attire (sports shirts and shorts/skirts), and non-marking white sole court shoes. Any footwear with marking soles will not be allowed on the gymnasium floor. Protective eyewear is also strongly recommended.

All other students who would still like to register afterwards will be placed on a waiting list for future sessions. Other training programs will be made available later in the season (stay tuned to EDBA news).

2013-2014 EDBA Junior Training and Interclub Competition

For the junior training program, registration must be in person starting at 12:30 PM Saturday, Oct 19th, at W.P. Wagner. Only the first 36 registrants (age 10 and older) will be allowed and will commence playing at 1:00 PM. It is a 6 week session, and ccst is $50 (payable to EDBA). Please give a warm welcome to Lionel Chong, our new head coach, who will be running the program, and introduce yourselves when you come to register your children.

Adult Interclub competition will start at 3:00 PM, and clubs are free to send one or many players (no limit as of yet) who will be competing individually in a doubles ladder (similar to Derrick and Glenora), five players to an assigned court alternating doubles partners until everyone partners once with everyone else in the same court. Players will be ranked in a ladder system, and will move up or down the ladder rankings as they win or lose their court. Clubs are free to send as many players as they want, but again, space will be limited to the first 35 that show. An important difference is that this year COURT 1 (composed of the highest-skilled players) WILL BE PLAYING WITH FEATHER SHUTTLECOCKS. There is no cost for adult interclub ladder to EDBA members. Click here to look at the 2013 EDBA Interclub format.

Next Saturday we’ll start up the Junior Interclub competition, which will alternate with the adult ladder bi-weekly.